Docere STEAM, formerly Docere4Parents, is the sister company and a registered 501 (c) (3) nonprofit arm to The STEM Lab.  Docere (Latin) to teach.  This is truly how our quest to design the most interactive, fun, and relevant STEM programming started. To volunteer or donate email us at

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Science Fairs

Science Fairs

Science Fairs


We began putting on county-wide science fairs in 2017 in an effort to allow children the opportunity to "show-off" science experiments. Titled   

"Inaugural Southwest Ohio Science Fair Invitational" we partnered with UC and  

advanced three qualifiers to UC District Science Fair!


Science Fairs

Science Fairs


Through Docere STEAM, we are able to deliver much-needed STEM programming to underserved schools and community groups. For two years we have received a STEM Bicycle grant from The Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative! This grant has been instrumental in exposing students to mechanical engineering. We partnered with Kemper Road Community Church and the Winton Woods Middle School  our first year  and Rockdale Academy in Avondale this past year. 

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