Birthday Parties @ The Stem Lab!

STEM + Fun = Best Birthday Party Ever!

 All the convenience of learning in a real science lab and engineering workroom without the mess to clean up later! 



$299 for one 30 minute experiment 

$399 for two 30 minute experiments

  • 30 – 60 minute hands-on science lab or activity which includes one to two  experiments based on theme of your choice (about 30 minutes each) of your  choice from a list of options provided.
  • Special science gift for the birthday child.
  • Participation of birthday child plus 10 guests.
  • Decorations
  • No need for additional goodie bags as each participating child gets: 
    • Candy and theme related items
  • Parents and chaperons are welcome to assist their participating children.
  • 12 Cupcakes included (yellow or chocolate cake, white or chocolate icing) 
  • 1 Pizza (pepperoni or cheese)
  • 1 Pitcher of beverage (Lemonade, Sprite, or Fruit Punch)

Spring Time Slots:

Fridays 6p – 8p

Saturdays 11a – 6p

Sundays 11a – 6p

Call 513-857-3366 

To Book A Party!!

Choose From The Following Themes:

Just Dig It! (Archeology and Paleontology)

 Study animal bones and dig for mock artifacts in this archeology inspired party. 

CAUTION! Kids at Work (Engineer and Construction builders)

For the future engineer or construction worker, this fun party allows them to create , design, and build structures. 

Pampered! (Cosmetic Chemistry)

We all know girls like being pampered, but did you know that lip gloss and bath bombs are really created through chemical engineering? This party will be the most memorable girl’s day ever! 

It’s a Blast! (Chemical Reactions and Eruptions)

 Safe explosions and colorful reactions oh my! Guests will be amazed by the eruptions this party creates. 

Crime Scene Detectives (Crime Scene Investigation & forensics)

Whether students are interested in learning how people and materials can be identified by different characteristics or want to know how criminals are caught, this is a great party for them! Kids will explore the different elements of forensic science while attempting to solve a crime scene based on evidence left behind.

Wakanda Science (Black Panther movie theme)

You just can’t go wrong when you combine a super hero and science! 

STEAM Creations (STEM + Art = STEAM, Art meets Science)

Kids will create and design their own works of art, guided by the amazing elements of science. 

Mad Scientist

For the kid who loves silly puddy! Each guest will make their own unique silly puddy to take home.  

Design it! Lego Party

For the ultimate Lego enthusiast, kids get to create miniature structures using engineering techniques to create simple machines.   

Add-ons to Party Package above (all optional):


  •  $10/guest for additional participants.
  • $5/bag for goodie bags filled with a variety of science related items. 

* This is in addition to the take home experiment if you want to give more, or if you want something for any 

non-participating guests. *

To book a party call: 513-857-3366