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After-School STEM/STEAM Clubs at schools

We are dedicated to designing customized STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, math and art) clubs for schools in Butler and Hamilton County.  Below you will learn about our most popular project-based enrichment programs and how to register your child or request a consultation for your school. 

Supporting School's STEM Initiatives

 Educating children on STEM concepts has become a large focus in our school systems over the past few years, but many schools don’t have the resources to allow children explore these concepts in a fun, interactive manner. At The STEM Labpology, it is our mission to inspire children to pursue careers in STEM fields through educational play and hand-on learning at a young age. 

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Lego Engineering

Lego Engineering

Lego Engineering



Young engineers will explore the principles of engineering by designing and building projects using Lego bricks. This program is the perfect fusion of physics, engineering, and art!

Mad Scientist

Lego Engineering

Lego Engineering


This is for the budding scientist! The kid that wants to know why and how things happen. Students will increase their scientific literacy skills by examining everyday situations propelled by science. We will investigate our favorite foods, electricity, environmental science, and more. 

STEM Like a Girl

Lego Engineering

Crime scene investigation (forensics)


  This series is exclusively for the powerful girls! Scholars will explore chemical engineering by creating some of their favorite personal care items. Girls will also learn engineering basics through a design project.

Crime scene investigation (forensics)

Crime scene investigation (forensics)

Crime scene investigation (forensics)


Our Junior Forensic Scientists will examine evidence from a crime scene to test against multiple suspects. Everything from hair, fingerprint, DNA analysis and handwriting will be inspected. 

edible scientist

Crime scene investigation (forensics)

Robotics & coding


For your budding chemist, this science series investigates something we all love: FOOD! Using hands-on experiments, scholars will enjoy concocting mixtures, analyzing elements, and most of all tasting their lab work. Through food, students can learn a lot about physical and natural sciences and it's all fingers-first!  

Robotics & coding

Crime scene investigation (forensics)

Robotics & coding


In this specialized in-school STEM robotics and coding series, scholars will explore mechanisms, build and design features for robots and program them through coding to complete tasks. 

Detail your services

Detail your services

Detail your services


 Below you will learn about our most popular project-based enrichment programs  and how to register your child or request a consultation for your school.

Parents can make their payment for after-school STEM Clubs below

Select the appropriate item by school name and price. Once your payment is completed you will receive a confirmation from The STEM Lab with details about your child's club. Please make sure to also complete the registration form provided by the school or The STEM Lab. 

*Please note, club prices are based on many factors including type, student numbers, facilitators required, consumable materials, location, etc.

After School Payments


If you submitted a registration form early and have yet to pay, please email us at to see if you are included in the roster (as registration is not complete unless payment is made).  To avoid the card processing charge you can pay by check to "The STEM Lab" and turn into the office no less than three days before the first day of class.

After School Club Payment

Registration Form

Once you have paid for class, please complete the registration form below, unless otherwise indicated by your school.

About STEAM Scholars

STEAM = Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Mathematics


This after school program is designed to be an interdisciplinary (like us) enrichment program that offers academic support. Throughout the school year we span the gamut of history, art, and of course STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) through hands-on exploration. Scholars are divided into different age groups and participate in activities designed for (and with) them. It is our goal to offer scholars a variety of experiences including crafts, hands-on STEM opportunities, reading support, and team building challenges as well as homework support. Throughout the school year scholars will also receive specialized instruction on:

- time management skills

- study skills

- speed reading

- research techniques

- how to stay organized 

After a long week of school work and extended learning, each Friday we will enjoy pizza, popcorn, and a movie. 


- Scholars can develop science fair projects to submit to local University Fairs. Our team of undergrads and grad students from local colleges will help guide student projects.

- Participate in the 2019 Ohio STEM Learning Food challenge.

Winter Session  Feb. 2 - March 29

Cost: $70/ week (minimum of four weeks). First week's payment due at registration.

Hours: 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Monday - Friday

Grades: 4th - 9th

Scholar limit: 15

Snack: light snack provided. 

Transportation: None provided. Please coordinate with Princeton City School District Transportation for drop-off information. 

**Behavior disclaimer**

If your child has received negative behavioral responses at school, this may not be the program for them. We take learning time very seriously and any distraction to student learning causes concern. Students can be removed from this program without a refund.


Instructors Needed Now

Who are we looking for?

Are you a teacher or college student looking for a creative teaching opportunity after school? Do you want to put into practice the educational strategies you have learned? We are looking for instructors specifically, college students, camp counselors, coaches, or anyone who has experience working with children. Based on real and hands-on experience, we teach STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) related activities, as well as Environmental and Health Issues in a different and entertaining way. As a STEAM science instructor, you will be directing or assisting a children’s class, show, or special event. This activity will be provided to you in the form of a lesson plan, prior to the program to help you learn and master the content. 

Learn More

Email Barb Patterson at to schedule an interview.